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By using advanced 3D design skills it is possible to visualise how your project will look before work starts.

The pictures on the right are of a wardrobe designed to fit inside an alcove in a loft conversion with an open back design to allow access to the eaves storage area. Using the design skills of Cribbit Installations the 3D model could be altered to suit the customer's requirements before any work was started to ensure full satisfaction on completion of the project.

3D design can be useful for a number of projects and will help you to see how things will look when complete, and help us to provide accurate costs and timescales as we know up-front exactly what is required to create the look you desire.

Cribbit InstallationsThis bathroom design has been created to allow a customer to see how a bedroom with an awkward part-sloping ceiling will look when it is converted into a bathroom with two storage cupboards built into the entrance way. By visualising the project on screen it has been possible to create a bathroom with a generous shower as well as a bath and toilet, and maximise the storage area on the way into the room.

Floor and wall finishes can be added to designs to create realistic rendered images of a room. The double-C Cribbit Installations logo has been created by adding a marble and wood material finish and rendering an image for example.

Cribbit's design services are another example of the commitment we have to ensuring you'll be happy with the end result of your home improvement projects. Please contact us to arrange to get your home improvement project underway, and if you feel the project would benefit from some pre-works design then please ask about the services we can provide.

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