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The use of wood to create beautiful, bespoke, hand built furniture for your home is a passion for Cribbit Installations. We are always happy to come round and see where your new crafted furniture is to be fitted, take measurements and then produce drawings of the proposed design.

This way the design and look of the project can be realised in full 3D glory so you know you'll be happy with the finished result. If you like the design and the quotation then work can usually be started on our own premises to reduce the time spent with workers in your home. Once the project is nearing completion it will be transported to your home and installed in place for you to use and enjoy.

If it's a bookcase, a wardrobe, some shelving, a side board, some pipe boxing, a new desk, a complete home office, or anything you require please contact us today to get your quotation and design underway.

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